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Did You Know?

80% of UK users would choose a .uk website over a .com website in the search results

77% of UK consumers prefer to shop at a .uk website over a .com website

76% of UK consumers search for product information online

65% of UK print and television ads now include domain names

56% of UK consumers regularly buy online

Source: Nominet Domain Name Industry Report 2010

Client Testimonials

"Having decided to add a Press Release function to our network of sites, we found the perfect name on Memorable Domains. Edwin was a pleasure to do business with and the domain transfer process was quick and painless."
   James Read, Adsonline LLP (bought

"I am delighted with the speed and efficiency of the whole process. The transaction was carried out in a professional and courteous way. I look forward to doing more business in the future."
   E. Brown, Big Advertising (bought

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The Power of Generic Domain Names

Your potential customers are looking for a solution to their current problem. They have an unfilled need, perhaps something as straightforward as a new dress, or as complex as the commissioning of a factory production line.

Unless you're already a household name, they're not specifically looking for your product, service or company.

Instead, they're thinking in broad, general terms about their problem: "I want to learn French, so I need to find a good French school" or "My wife loves pearls, so I'll buy her some jewellery for her birthday."

Generic domain names play to this thought process, since they describe products and services in the way people are already thinking about them.


    and so on...

There's no effort required to remember a generic domain name, because it matches your train of thought. That's no doubt why you landed on this website too.

We're drowning in advertising. Each time you switch on the TV, pick up a magazine or visit your favourite website, you're swamped by another wave of jingles and marketing slogans...

This constant bombardment of marketing messages means that very little actually sinks in. To break through the clamour and capitalise on a fleeting second of attention, you're going to have to make your call to action incredibly clear and straightforward.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: instead of forcing potential customers to remember something contrived like your brand or product name, just remind them what they're already thinking about.

"Want to buy an electric bike? Visit"
"Job getting you down? Find the right"

In other words, when you arm yourself with the perfect generic domain name, your call to action exactly matches their current train of thought.

This leads to a powerful "aha!" moment: a strong mental click of recognition when your potential customers see your site's web address in the search engine results or in an ad. "Hey, this company offers exactly what I need."

This ensures that they will be able to find your website again, since all they need to do is remember whatever it was they were thinking about at the time of that mental click.

This lets you save money each time you advertise your website, since you will need far fewer repetitions of your web address for it to "stick".

Your web address will also be easier to promote offline and by word of mouth, since it's easy to spell and easy to talk about.

Niche Dominance and Market Credibility

On the web, perception is everything. Your potential customers are isolated behind their web browsers. They can't wander around your shop, admiring your craftsmanship, or sink into a comfortable chair in your elegant office while you discuss your services.

All they have to go on when trying to decide whether to give their business to you or to one of your competitors is the text and images on their computer screen.

And that's where a memorable, generic domain name comes in. It conveys a sense of being more established, more credible. It gives you instant "ownership" of your market category or niche. Instead of being just another company in your niche, you've taken a big step towards becoming the market leader.

In fact, your competitors will be reminding people of your domain name every time they talk in general terms about the products or services they're selling. They simply can't help themselves, as your web address defines their market!

The extra trust that a generic domain name inspires is especially important in situations where potential customers are trying to make a quick decision with very little objective information, such as when browsing a page of search results. It could be the difference that gets you the click and closes the sale.

Strengthen Your Online Marketing Efforts

By acquiring the most appropriate domain name for your niche, you'll be ensuring that your main search terms will appear in every incoming link pointing at your website. That's guaranteed, as they're baked right into the web address!

If you're working with Google Adwords and other forms of pay-per-click advertising, you can get more clicks and visits, and potentially reduce your ongoing marketing costs, by setting up your ad campaigns on a generic domain name that matches your target search phrases. Our Adwords case study showed that an appropriate domain name delivered twice the traffic from the same ad campaign.

Give Yourself an Unfair Marketing Advantage

Domain names are unique. By buying the most relevant domain name for your business, you're instantly securing an unfair marketing advantage as you've taken it forever out of reach of your competitors.

An exact match domain name is the only marketing move that your competitors can never match. After all, they can advertise where you advertise, and participate in the same tradeshows you do. But once you get your hands on the perfect domain name for your niche, you've slammed that particular marketing door in their faces.

Doesn't your company deserve an unfair marketing advantage?

A One Time Investment Delivers Long-term Value

Compared to many other marketing expenses, the acquisition of a really strong domain name can work out extremely cost-effectively and offer great ROI.

Look at SEO consulting for instance, which is generally billed on an ongoing basis, or PPC advertising, which represents a potentially limitless expense (you pay for every click, and as soon as you stop paying, the traffic stops).

On the other hand, you only have to pay once to secure the perfect domain name. And once it's yours, the renewal fee on that domain name is the same few pounds a year that it would cost to maintain any domain registration.

In other words, for a one time capital expense you're purchasing an asset that can help you in your marketing and advertising efforts forever. And each time a new customer comes to you because they were able to remember your web address (even if they only glimpsed it out of the corner of their eye) that's less money you have to spend on reinforcing your message.

When you invest in a generic domain name, you're securing a key business asset, one which is likely to grow in value as the web continues to mature.

Why Buy a Domain Name from Us

  1. All transactions are 100% confidential.
  2. When you buy a domain name from us, you will own it outright.
  3. We only sell our own names, so no third parties are involved.
  4. We have many years of experience in the domain name industry.
  5. We have over 6,000 domain names in our inventory
  6. The only way you can buy the domain name is through this site.

Your Next Step

Hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of the benefits of owning the most appropriate domain name for your niche.

Please click here to download our most current domain name list. With thousands of descriptive, memorable domain names in our inventory, there's bound to be one that meets your needs.