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We specialise in top quality generic domain names, and our inventory of 5,000+ names covers over 200 topics.

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A targeted generic domain name doubled the traffic of a Google Adwords campaign...

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Did You Know?

80% of UK users would choose a .uk website over a .com website in the search results

77% of UK consumers prefer to shop at a .uk website over a .com website

76% of UK consumers search for product information online

65% of UK print and television ads now include domain names

56% of UK consumers regularly buy online

Source: Nominet Domain Name Industry Report 2010

Client Testimonials

"Having decided to add a Press Release function to our network of sites, we found the perfect name on Memorable Domains. Edwin was a pleasure to do business with and the transfer process was quick and painless."
   James Read, Adsonline LLP (bought

"I am delighted with the speed and efficiency of the whole process. The transaction was carried out in a professional and courteous way. I look forward to doing more business in the future."
   E Brown, Big Advertising (bought

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Memorable Domains Ltd supplies generic high-quality domain names that describe specific products, services and industries.

Contact Edwin Hayward to get a quote to buy any of our domain names. Kindly note that our domain names start from £1,500+VAT.

By email:
By fax: (01223) 281333
By post: Memorable Domains Ltd, Unit 57, 23 King Street, Cambridge CB1 1AH, UK

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Due to the volume of enquiries we receive while servicing our legitimate, domain-buying customers, all such off-topic enquiries will simply be ignored.

If you're here to buy one of our domain names on the other hand, we'd LOVE to hear from you!

You can also download our full price list (PDF format)

If you're still trying to decide which domain name might best meet your needs, then why not browse our portfolio to pick up some ideas...

In the past, many of our clients have had similar questions about the domain buying process, so we've compiled a short FAQ.

More about Memorable Domains Ltd...

Memorable Domains co-founder Edwin Hayward

Memorable Domains Ltd co-founder Edwin Hayward has been involved in the domain name industry since 1996. He set up the first dedicated domain name news and information website, Internet Goldrush (later sold to the current owner).

He continues to participate actively on several domain discussion forums, and has been invited to be a panelist at various industry tradeshows.

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