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We specialise in top quality generic domain names, and our inventory of 5,000+ names covers over 200 topics.

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Did You Know?

80% of UK users would choose a .uk website over a .com website in the search results

77% of UK consumers prefer to shop at a .uk website over a .com website

76% of UK consumers search for product information online

65% of UK print and television ads now include domain names

56% of UK consumers regularly buy online

Source: Nominet Domain Name Industry Report 2010

Client Testimonials

"Having decided to add a Press Release function to our network of sites, we found the perfect name on Memorable Domains. Edwin was a pleasure to do business with and the transfer process was quick and painless."
   James Read, Adsonline LLP (bought

"I am delighted with the speed and efficiency of the whole process. The transaction was carried out in a professional and courteous way. I look forward to doing more business in the future."
   E Brown, Big Advertising (bought

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Domain Names

Which domain names do you have available?
Here's a list of all our domains. If it seems overwhelming, then simply tell us the product, service or industry you want a domain name for, and we'll do the searching for you...

Why would we want to buy a new domain name if we already have a website?
There's no need to start from scratch just because you're buying a new domain name.

You can redirect your new domain name to your existing website, and use it in marketing campaigns, preserving your existing investment in web development.

You could also use your new domain name to host a mini-site promoting a particular product, service or educational resource.

How much is domain name X?
Our domain names are competitively priced. They start at just £1,500 plus VAT, and most are less than £5,000. You can download the latest price list (PDF format) here.

How do I buy a domain name from you?
1) We confirm the price for the domain name
2) You receive an invoice and payment instructions
3) You remit payment within 7 days
4) Domain ownership is transferred to you on receipt of payment

Can anyone else register the same domain name as me?
No, that's impossible. All domain names are unique, so only one company or individual can own any given domain name. That means that once you've secured the perfect domain name, none of your competitors can have it.

How does the ownership of a domain name get transferred to me?
An organisation called Nominet manages all domain name registrations. Nominet has a quick, easy to follow online process to transfer the legal ownership of a domain name.

How long will it take for me to receive the domain name?
Once we've received your payment, the domain name will be transferred to you within 3 business days. In practice, most transactions get processed quicker than that.

What about additional safeguards during the buying process?
We have an impeccable track record in the domain industry, having completed hundreds of transactions over the course of more than a decade. Occasionally, our clients have opted for the additional reassurance provided by an escrow service to secure their payment before the domain name is transferred to them. We can recommend a number of reputable escrow companies. There is a 10% surcharge for the use of an escrow service.

What happens once the domain name has been transferred to me?
As soon as the domain name has been transferred to you using Nominet's online transfer process, it's 100% yours, to do whatever you like with it. Our involvement with the domains we sell ends once the transfer process is complete.

What costs are associated with the domain purchasing process?
We pay the Nominet transfer fee (£10 + VAT) when we set up the domain transfer, so there are no other fees other than the payment for the domain name itself, unless you opt for an escrow service (see above).

What about ongoing costs after we've bought a domain name?
Once you buy a domain name from us, it's yours to do whatever you like with it. However, you'll need to pay the annual renewal fee (a few pounds per year) to your chosen Registrar, just like you would for any other domain name, in order to maintain your registration of the domain name.

How can we pay for a domain name?
We accept bank/wire transfers for orders of any value. We do not currently accept Paypal or credit card payments.

In what currencies can we pay for domain names?
Our day to day working and invoicing currency is the British Pound. By prior arrangement, we can accept payment in Euro or US$ at a 5% surcharge. The exchange rate for foreign currency transactions will be fixed on the day the invoice is issued, using the Yahoo Currency Converter.

What's the next step?
If you've decided which domain name you're interested in, then contact us for a no obligation price quote. If you're still looking, then why not download a full list of all the domains in our portfolio or contact us so that we can narrow down your search.