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80% of UK users would choose a .uk website over a .com website in the search results

77% of UK consumers prefer to shop at a .uk website over a .com website

76% of UK consumers search for product information online

65% of UK print and television ads now include domain names

56% of UK consumers regularly buy online

Source: Nominet Domain Name Industry Report 2010

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100 More Smart Companies that Understand the Concept of Generic Domain Names

This is a follow-up to the original "100 Smart Companies" article, highlighting 100 more companies that are making great use of a generic domain name that exactly matches their primary line of business, or one of their main products or services.

Domain Name Company Solutions (EU) Ltd N.V. Range Distributors Ltd Agency UK Aerial Photography Camelids Limited Services Antiques Threadgill Associates Limited Unlimited, Inc. Direct Recycling Ltd Lion Caravan Park & Camping Site & Frankau AIRTO Construction Group The Costumiers

Some of these domain names are owned by companies aiming to be synonymous with the product or service they describe, at least in the minds of web users.

Others are owned by long-established offline firms seeking to retain their leadership position online as well.

Domain Name Company London Cufflink Company of Sound Deckchairs Ltd Era & Q Video English Wine Centre Group Limited Hehir Mercer Limited Ventilation Aquatic Superstore Ltd Promotions & H Marriage & Sons Limited Direct Fountain Workshop Limited Dorset Funeral Directors Garden Centre Globe Company (UK) Ltd Andrews School of Golf

Some of these domain names redirect to an existing company or ecommerce website, or point straight to the relevant category within a larger product catalogue.

Domain Name Company Guitars Ltd UK Workwear Ltd Preserves Fuji Japanese Green Tea Robson & Sons Ltd Intercorp Chairs of Bath Bag Company Design and Marketing London Taxi Company Lifetime Care Machinery Optician Online Ltd John's Wood Orthodontic Clinic Converters Ltd Human Resources Ltd

Sole traders and smaller companies have secured generic domain names to boost their credibility versus larger, more established competitors. They understand that perception is everything online, since you're interacting with customers and prospects at one remove, behind the veil of a web browser.

It's not just UK companies taking advantage of the benefits of a generic domain name; some overseas firms that ship to the UK have secured relevant names to redirect to their existing ecommerce sites.

Domain Name Company & V Pet Supplies Limited Meagher, plastic surgeon Plant Ltd Ltd Communications Ltd Editions (UK) Ltd Howard Ltd Insurance Services Buggy Pushchairs Quality Services Living Sailboats Salon Design Communications Ltd Shiatsu School Signs Direct

Whether they're manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, ecommerce sites or service providers, each of these companies has secured the unfair marketing advantages that a perfectly matched generic domain name can bring.

Learn from their experience - take steps today to secure the most appropriate domain name for your business.

Domain Name Company House Mill Snack Foods Ltd Lifestyles Interactive Elsevier Limited Taxidermy Cosmetic Dentistry Financial Management Limited Thermal Imaging Ltd Portable Buildings Ltd UK Ltd Data Systems Ltd Star Conservatories Data Services Ltd Waterbed Company Lodge International

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